Guangxi Power Construction Company (abbreviated as GXPC With CNY 122.029 million registered capital) is a subsidiary of China Energy Engineering Co.,Ltd. It is a state-owned large-scale electric power construction company, obtaining National Grade 1 General Contracting qualificationin Electric Power and Civil & Architectural Engineering awarded by Ministry of Construction of China.
  Primary Business
  With more than 50 years history, GXPC is a professional project contractor specializes in construction of projects of thermal power, nuclear power, heat power, hydropower, wind power, power transformation & transmission, biomass power generation, civil architectures, municipal works, roads & bridges works etc.
  Qualification & Certification
  GXPC has aquiredthe qualification certificate issued by the People's Republic of China for electric power, civil & architectural engineering, water conservancy & hydropower, power transformation & transmission, highway, anticorrosion and thermal insulation, steel structure etc.Qualification for the design of electric power and of electric power and architecture, equipment and material for import and export; qualification for supply and sale of equipment and materials; qualification for dispatching construction personnel for domestic and foreign projects; qualification for fabrication, installation and maintenance of lifting machinery.
  Company Strengths
  1. GXPC has achieved great successes in construction of various power plants(12MW to 1000MW) and power transformation & transmission projects atdomestic and abroad. The representative projects are as follows: Fangchenggang Power Plant 2×600MW Units, Hengyun D Power Plant 2×300MW Units, Laibin BOT Power Plant 2×360MW Units, Heshan Power Plant 2×300MW Units, Nanning Power Plant 2×600MW Units, Huarun Hezhou Power Plant 2×1000MW Units, Vietnam Haiphone Power Plant 2×300MW Units, Fangchenggang 500kV Switcheyard, Chehe 220kV Switchyard, Guilin Dafeng 220kV Switchyard, Guilin Xing'an 220kV Switchyard, Rongxian 220kV Switchyard etc.
  2. GXPC has completed the following large and medium scale water conservancy & hydropower projects: Xijin Hydropower Station, Mashi Hydropower Station, Africa Brundi Murgere Hydropower Station, Africa Rumonge Hydropower Station and China Liuzhou Huilongchong Embankment Project etc.
  3. GXPC has completed a number of civil high-rise and high-quality buildings such as Nanning Minghu Classic Tower (33 floors), Liuzhou Xinglong Business Tower, Liuzhou Zhongyi Business Tower Colony (26 floors), Nanning ASEN Shijicun Village and municipal works in Angola.